This year’s Plumstead Make Merry festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday 10th June, from 12 noon to 6pm on Plumstead Common.

Like most years, the organisers have struggled to get the funds to stage the festival and your help could help this community continue.

The Make Merry is the most important date in the Plumstead calendar, and is organised solely by members of the local community who volunteer their time to ensure that this event continues. But without the help of its supporters, it may not survive for much longer.

Each year the organisers try to secure funding but despite making applications for grants they have been unsuccessful this year . The council have not provided any funding for the festival for several years now and so we the team are left with no option but to be self-sufficient.  With few sponsors from local businesses, it is down to those who attend, and those that want the festival to continue, to help.

The funding pays for the infrastructure, the stages, marquees, toilets etc. The organisers and stewards do not get paid, performers offer their talents for free and local organisations use the event as a great promotional tool. So every penny raised is used to ensure the festival happens.

Donating is easy via PayPal at www.paypal.com   Just send any amount to our email address info@plumsteadmakemerry.co.uk

We are also crowdfunding through Buzzbnk until July, just go to www.fundit.buzz/PlumsteadMakeMerry2017

Sponsorship options are also available from just £5 to individuals and local businesses. You can find details at www.plumsteadmakemerry.co.uk/get-involved

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