Meet the Committee

The Plumstead Make Merry is run by a team of big hearted volunteers who are passionate about the area and its local community. Forming the Plumstead Make Merry Committee, they work hard to ensure the festival takes place every year, meeting regularly in the run up to the next event.

To contact any member of the Committee or to find out how you can join, please email

Angelo DiCarlo

Details to follow.

Doug Harper

img_9578Doug has lived in Plumstead since 2009 and is now a fully-fledged Plumrade! He has been the compere on The Bandstand and arena area since that time, getting himself a reputation for bad jokes in between the usual stage announcements.  Doug has also been involved in the publicity and promotion of the festival as a member of the committee.

Doug’s background is in printing, he is a father to five beautiful children, and he is a musician, not only as a solo artist but also as a member of the band ‘Steve White & The Protest Family’.  He also raises awareness through his blog ‘One in 300’ of male breast cancer.

Sarah Harper (Chair)

Sarah HarperSarah has lived in Plumstead for over 25 years, and joined the Committee in 2007 as Chair.  Her primary responsibilities for the 2018 festival are entertainment bookings for The Bandstand and arena area, and the Acoustic Cafe, activities, and also the event licensing, Health & Safety, and logistics. On the day of the festival, Sarah is usually found as the Stage Manager for The Bandstand and arena area.

Sarah is a mum of one, and a mosaic artist, formerly working as a successful Event Manager organising large-scale conferences, exhibitions and music events.

Deborah O’Boyle (Secretary)

Deborah was born in Plumstead in 1961 and was educated at Timbercroft, Plumstead Manor and Avery Hill College (now part of the University of Greenwich). Deborah has been a manager in a Japanese international bank, engaged in a variety of local voluntary activities and is still raising a family. She spends most her time these days cramming mathematics into young brains, fundraising and coordinating gardening at a local primary school, researching local history and grumbling.

Having attended Make Merries since 1975, Deborah eventually answered a plea for committee members in 2013. From 2016 Deborah has held the post of Secretary and has led on fundraising, spending much of her time in the run-up to the festival bidding for grants and shamelessly begging for money, this will continue for the 2018 event.

Ebru Ogun (Vice-Chair)

Ebru has lived in Plumstead on and off for 20 y2016-12-04-website-update-ebru-ogun-photoears and has attended the Make Merry as a very happy resident during this time. Her responsibilities for the 2018 festival include organising the stallholders which make up the varied, diverse and exciting stalls.

Ebru has a keen interest in the welfare of the residents of Plumstead and feels the Make Merry plays a vital role in contributing to the community.

John Rastall (Treasurer)

2016-11-26-website-update-john-rastall-photoJohn has lived in Plumstead for over 30 years and joined the Committee in 2015 as the Art Plumstead representative but is also involved on a personal basis, covering various jobs as the need arises.  For 2018 he continues to hold the post of Treasurer.

When not involved in Make Merry matters, John is a specialist dealer in British & Japanese studio ceramics, as well as the organiser of the Plumstead Open Studio weekend as part of Plumstravaganza. More recently he has become the Art Plumstead co-ordinator for the Plumstead Community Market.


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