Meet the Team

The Plumstead Make Merry is run by a team of big-hearted volunteers who are passionate about the area and its local community. Forming the Plumstead Make Merry Team, they work hard to ensure the festival takes place every year, meeting regularly in the run up to the next event.
To contact any member of the Team or to find out how you can join, please email
Adam Boal (Chair)
Adam Boal

Adam grew up in Eltham and now lives locally, he and many of his local friends remember the Make Merry fondly. His friends are delighted he’s gotten involved in running the event and have even promised to volunteer some time themselves in future years! Professionally Adam is a community engagement and physics outreach specialist, designing and delivering exciting science-y events and opportunities for all.

On the day of the festival you will find Adam making himself useful across the site and keeping an eye on logistics, volunteers and making sure everyone is having a lovely time!

Daniel Torbett (Treasurer)

Daniel lives locally and is a long-time attendee of the Plumstead Make Merry. He has a background in sales and event management at iconic London venues and works with the other volunteer committee members to bring about an affordable Make Merry for the whole community.

Hayley David
2020-01-13 Hayley David - photo for website
Hayley David

I’m Hayley, having worked in retail for nearly 20 years and lived in Plumstead and the surrounding areas, I have developed a strong sense of community and was always actively involved in community work. More recently with my two daughters I have shown them the areas I grew up in and the joy and fun I used to have every year at the Plumstead Make Merry when I was their age.

For the next festival Hayley is taking a lead on promotion and marketing, with a particular focus on our social media pages.

Mary-Clare Hallsworth

MC lives locally having grown up in a little village in the South West of England. She joined the Make Merry Team in early 2020 keen to get involved in the community, in her new home, in this little pocket of London.

Lucinda Worrell

Lucinda has spent a lot of her life in Plumstead, and last year decided to join our Merry team. She will be working on our stalls team for the 2022 event.

Desiree Vitanzi

Desiree says, ‘I’ve always heard about the Plumstead Make Merry festival however I never really had the the chance to attend on the day, despite living in the area for nearly 9 years. When Covid happened and I was not able to travel to work or visit my friends, I realised I actually didn’t know anyone in the area. I decided I wanted to do something about it. I got in touch with the group of volunteers looking after the festival, thinking it would be a good way to meet new people that are part of the local community, help out and learn new things in the process. I was not wrong. Everyone has been very helpful and supportive and I cannot wait for the actual day to come and see the result of the hard work that everyone has put in behind the scene.’

Kathleen Wimbledon

Kathy has been a volunteer steward for the Make Merry since 2005/2006.

Kathy says, ‘Having been a Plumstead Make Merry steward since 2007 my experience has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I love meeting the diverse community that Plumstead has, there are so many different cultures all coming together to enjoy, what for me is ,a day to remember for the rest of my life.  I also want to pay homage to the extremely wonderful team that put the whole thing together. I would highly recommend anyone to start becoming a Plumstead Make Merry volunteer steward’.

One thought on “Meet the Team

  1. Please pass on my Thanks to Desiree for her assistance and help.

    Best wishes

    Caroline Knott

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