Feature in the News Shopper

Our forthcoming benefit bash was featured in the News Shopper…

Plumstead Make Merry to hold fundraising bash at Greenwich Rugby Club Pavilion

7:40am Friday 8th April 2011

By Mark Chandler

A FUNDRAISING event is being held for a festival which was cancelled after Greenwich Council cut its funding.

The Plumstead Make Merry Association hosts a benefit bash on April 16 from 7.30pm at the Greenwich Rugby Club Pavilion, Plumstead Common.

Entry will cost £5 at the door and all proceeds will go towards supporting the festival – the longest-running in Greenwich. There will be karaoke, disco and fun and games.

Organiser Doug Harper said: “We could spend our time and energy complaining about the cuts and campaigning against them – but we won’t. There are many other cuts happening within the borough and nationally.

“Instead, we are dedicated to ensuring that a Make Merry will take place next year.”

For more information email plumsteadmakemerry@yahoo.co.uk, visit the Facebook site or go to plumsteadmakemerry.com [sic]

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