PMM 2014 Fruit and Veg sculpting competition

What do you see when you look in the fridge? Ingredients for dinner? Or do you see the ingredients for a work of art?

At this year’s Plumstead Make Merry local resident Sarah Doyle will be running a fruit and veg modelling contest and anyone attending the festival is welcome to enter their culinary creation!

To enter, simply bring your sculpture along to the Plumstead Make Merry on Saturday 7th June and ask a steward to point you in the direction of the contest. Make sure you enter your sculpture as early as you can as the contest will be decided on the day via a public vote, so you want as much time as possible for people to see your marvellous works of art!

In true veg competition style, rosettes will be awarded to the first, second and third placed models!

Below are some pictures of some sculptures Sarah made earlier to give you inspiration. A top tip from Sarah: “use cocktail sticks or spaghetti to hold your fruit and vegetable models together”.


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