Plumstead Make Merry jointly hosts pop-up history events

Want to share and  find out  more about the history of Plumstead? Then why not join the History Mill for some informal pop-up events on local history led by local archaelogist and historian Andy Brockman, and local history enthusiast Deborah O’Boyle from the Make Merry team.

The events will be held at the Old Mill, Plumstead Common, SE18 1QG on the following dates:

Weds 8 October, 8pm –  How Plumstead went to war in 1914

Weds 12 November, 8pm –  Bring your own history
A show, tell and find out more about your own objects, photographs and documents

Spring 2015 –  History Mill Walkie Talkies
Time walks in Plumstead and Woolwich concluding with food and drinks.

Participation is free but a voluntary donation towards expenses and the Save the Make Merry Fund is welcome.

For more information, please email info@plumsteadmakemerry.co.uk.

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