40 years and counting…on you!

The Plumstead Make Merry, the longest running community festival in the Royal Borough of Greenwich is looking to raise £5,000 in a bid to make sure the event reaches its 40th anniversary in June 2015.

The Plumstead Make Merry is an annual festival of arts, music and activities which is run on a voluntary basis by members of the local community. Since losing its council funding in 2011 as a result of central government cuts, the festival has struggled to continue raising enough funds to sustain its long-term future and is now calling on the local community to help raise £5,000 for this year’s festival. Through a specially devised site, people can donate varying amounts to help the festival reach its target of £5,000. There is an incentive for each donation including free refreshments to a mention in the 40th anniversary commemorative programme. Big donors could even have the Bandstand or Acoustic Café named in their honour.

Sarah Harper, Chair of the Plumstead Make Merry Association, said: “Contrary to popular belief, the festival has never been organised by the local authority. It is run entirely by a small group of volunteers who work hard all year round to organise the event including raising enough funds to make sure the Make Merry continues to take place”.

“Sadly, due to severe restrictions to income over the last few years, the future of the Plumstead Make Merry is in serious jeopardy. We need everybody to rally round and help us save the festival – the Plumstead Make Merry is counting you!”

To find out more and donate, please visit: https://buzzbnk.org/PlumsteadMakeMerry

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