Fruit and Vegetable Sculpture Competition

We are pleased to announce that Art Plumstead will be running a Fruit and Vegetable Sculpture Competition at the Plumstead Make Merry Saturday 9th June.
Theme: A Plumstead Memory.
Venue for entries: The Information Tent.
Entry time: 11am – 12 midday.
It is fine if you enter a bit later than midday, but then early voters won’t have the chance to see your fabulous creation!
Voting: 12-4 p.m.
Each passing member of the public votes once for their favourite sculpture.
The result will be announced from The Bandstand (main stage) once all the votes are tallied.
Prizes: M&S vouchers for the first, second and third placed entries.
Which is obviously insignificant compared to being widely acclaimed for your imagination and skill.
Looking forward to seeing your inspired creations.
Photographs courtesy of Chris Mansfield.

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