Surplus Feast in our Acoustic Cafe

Bringing people together to fill bellies, not bins

We are delighted to announce that Greenwich Co-Operative Development Agency, GCDA, is hosting another Surplus Feast as part of the Plumstead Make Merry Festival this Saturday 8th June. You can find them in our Acoustic Cafe.

About a third of the food produced for human consumption is either wasted or lost; roughly 1.3 billion tonnes EVERY YEAR – just a quarter of which could feed 870 million people!  There’s been loads of awareness around food waste recently, but there’s still so much perfectly good food going in the bin.

Using surplus food from the wonderful FareShare, who re-distribute surplus food from the food industry before it’s even reached the supermarket floor and Paul Rhodes Bakery, who donate all their surplus bread, they’ll be cooking up a storm to serve to the hungry public.   They never know what we’re going to get until the day, but you can expect vegan stews, Thai curries, vibrant salads and hopefully some fruit salads too.

So pop along to our Acoustic Cafe on Saturday for some inexpensive refreshments and some yum in your tum, and you’ll even be entertained by some fabulous local acts in the marquee too.

For full details of what you can expect at the festival on Saturday go to:


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