The Make Merry welcomes its youngest recruit

The Plumstead Make Merry is proud to welcome its youngest ever Committee member, 14 year old Aisling Couldry.

Aisling was born in Plumstead in 2000 and has attended most, if not all the Make Merries since then.

At this year’s festival, she not only performed at the Bandstand as part of the Academy Performing Arts but also volunteered as a steward helping to set up and pack, run errands and assist on the Scout Stall.

By becoming part of the Committee, Aisling joins the small team of volunteers who work hard to put the festival together every year.

Aisling said: “I’m really excited about being part of the Plumstead Make Merry. It’s hard work but a lot of fun. The other volunteers really care about the festival and the community and it’s really nice to part of that. Work has already started and we’re all determined to make 2015 the best festival yet!”

2015 will mark the festival’s 40th anniversary and a fundraising campaign entitled ‘Save the Make Merry’ is already underway to help raise the necessary funds to ensure the event can take place. To find out how you can help save the festival, visit:


2 thoughts on “The Make Merry welcomes its youngest recruit

  1. In a community that represents a high number of ethnic residents, i am suprised that not one is in the committee. can you forward me a full list of your committee members and also let me know what is in the public disclosure about this committee. Thanks.

    1. Hi Roma, thanks for your comment, sorry it’s taken a while to respond, we do try to take a break over the summer from festival work. You can find a list of committee members in the About section of our webpage, that is subject to change next month though. On September 7th we have our AGM which we will be publicising shortly, and hopefully we will be able to recruit some new members. All members of the community are welcome to join. As you know we are a voluntary not-for-profit organisation and as such do find it difficult to recruit new members who want to take on an active role in the organisation of the event. We are very transparent about the organisation of the event, if there is anything specific that you have an interest in or would like to know, please feel free to email us at Many thanks, Sarah

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